Not Paying Child Support Can Hurt in Many Ways!

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Not Paying Child Support Can Hurt in Many Ways!

We stand among the top West Palm Beach child support lawyers, we're commonly asked by our clients for the best way to assess child care in Florida. Under Florida child care legislation, every parent of a child has a responsibility to provide for the basic requirements of her or his own child. That obligation exists irrespective of marriage, past or present, between the parents of the child. Once a couple who have had kids together separate, a court will order a child custody arrangement that may result in a child support order.

The very first step to apply for child care in Florida would be to file a court action for child support. A child support order issued in Florida is a legally-enforceable court order requiring a parent to pay periodic assistance to another parent for a child or children. The quantity and length of the child support obligations will vary based on Florida's Court. For help, contact a family law attorney in your area.

Florida has rather strict child support legislation to make certain that a parent is paying their required level of aid. From time to time, the noncustodial parent won't pay child support, and the custodial parent should request help in order to collect the delinquent amount from the parent.

There are lots of choices a parent can utilize to apply for child support in Florida. Moreover, you can seek out the aid of a family law attorney for enforcement of back child support.

Ways Florida Department of Revenue enforces child support

  • Send notices of overdue payments
  • Send notices to withhold paychecks to the parent's place of employment so the payments will come straight from their paycheck
  • The parent's driver's license, together with different forms of licenses, could be suspended until the overdue payments have been made
  • A meeting could be arranged with the parent at a local child support office to negotiate a payment arrangement
  • The parent's federal income tax return or lottery deposits over $600 could be obtained to pay the child support order
  • The amount may be deducted from bank accounts or other accounts of the parent.
  • A family law attorney may also file a motion for contempt and ask that a Florida family law judge issue additional penalties for the nonpayment of assistance.

There are penalties other than cash such as a lien put on the parent's individual property like a vehicle or ship, the back payments could also be reported so that they show on the parent's credit report, or the parent could be denied a passport until the obligations are met. Further, if the parent can pay and fails, the parent might be held in contempt, fined, incarcerated, or a blend of these till they pay their past due child support. A Florida family law judge even may rule that the delinquent parents repay the other parent's attorney's fees and other expenditures associated with the case.

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An experienced family law attorney can have a significant impact when seeking an action to enforce child support in Florida. If you're owed back child support, wanting to change a child support order, or want to shield against an unfair child service request contact a family lawyer.

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